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Blogging has always been my passion right from the first day i got to know about it. I was never a fan of 9 to  5 jobs or 7 to 4 jobs. My aim has always been to have my own business and work from any location. I started blogging back in 2012 and i can tell that i have seen the ups and downs of this beautiful career path i choose. Download this e-book and get to know about my blogging from the basics.

I have lost and gained money, have been frustrated to quit on the course of my blogging career. No need for you to go through all this to reach the heights i have reached. 

Note: Please this is not a get rich quick program, if you are here to make it fast don’t bother to choose a career in blogging. 

This e-book have the free and premium version. I decided to make a free version to let you get a taste of what’s inside the premium which contains all the information you need to be a successful blogger. Below is the snapshot of what i earn from my Google Adsense. The first picture is the desktop version while the second picture is a snapshot from my mobile phone. 

You too can earn over $700 monthly from your Google Adsense. To be a blogger isn’t just about working hard, you also need to work smart. You don’t need to keep laboring and at the end you’re underpaid. You can have that dream car, house and stable family. Take a step today and change your life.

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In this e-book you will get to know about; 

  • How you can start a blog. 
  • The best niche you can focus on. 
  • Content Arrangement and Writing. 
  • How to Get Visitors to your blog.
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“We started blogging together almost 10 years ago, and i can tell you Ernest is the best”

YB Useh itechflake.com

“I have known him for over a decade right from when he started designing websites as a teenager, i didn’t waste time to purchase this e-book when i found out it he was the author and it was the best decision i made”

Emmanuel Chisom insuranceflag.com

“Am a professional graphic designer, most of the things i know today in blogging is from Ernest”

ID Omoigbo Graphic designer and Blogger

“I have worked with Ernest since 2017, and i can tell you he’s a mentor and also very experienced in this field of blogging”

Laura Nkiru Author @ mybiohub.com

“I bought this e-book and was able to start a food blog on my own, whenever i needed support i will contact him and he’s always available to guide me. This e-book is really a life changer.”

Nkem Maraizu